Water Whispers, Inc.

Designing and constructing waterfalls, ponds, and other water features is very exciting to me. It allows me to work with my hands, operate machinery, solve problems, and be outside.

I have three great jobs: First, I have a terrific family: my wife Traci, two daughters, my sister Valerie, and my Mom and Dad, Isabel and Tom. Second, I am a second generation firefighter, and absolutely love it. Despite my wife Traci's worrying about me, it is a fulfilling job that keeps me very active. Third, I have started a family business with my Dad: Water Whispers, Inc.

I have a strong work ethic, thanks to both of my parents. Spending five years on the Rocky Mountain National Park Trail Crew afforded me extensive experience constructing backcountry trails, bridges, and rock walls, with materials found, cut, and moved, right on site. I learned how important it is to incorporate strength and proper construction technique with the aesthetics of natural design. I know when it doesn't look right, or work right.

Building water features reminds me so much of those days when I was surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature. We used to hike for miles to enjoy the serenity of another beautiful waterfall, pond, or cascade. Now I have the privelege of giving people a piece of that experience right in their on backyard.

How fortunate I am to have the three best jobs in the world.

"Through the years, our family has always spent considerable time outside, especially in the mountains, appreciating the beauty, but also learning to understand the mechanics and styles of nature."
Reef Abbott

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