Water Whispers, Inc.

My wife Isabel and I joined a Denver water gardening club in 1985. We went to the meetings, toured other peoples' water gardens, learned all about plants, fish, and design, and built two ponds in our own backyard. Over the years, we learned all about the pleasures of water gardening, and all about the pitfalls (poor construction techniques, ill-conceived designs, lack of an understanding of pond biology and botany). Our overall experience with water gardening has been very enjoyable. Now I want to pass on this enjoyment, and these skills and insights, through Water Whispers.

The Denver Fire Department provided me a wonderful career. Over the years, I noticed that I was happiest when involved in a task which required creativity, whether working on a committee, writing a letter, designing a new fire station, or creating a solution to an emergency situation. My enjoyment of artistic creations was also indicated early on when I chose a career as a U.S. Navy photographer for 7 years. I had a great time shooting photographs all over the world.

I first became involved with Rocky Mountain Tranquility as a customer. Isabel and I contracted for a beautiful self-contained waterfall to compliment our existing ponds. It didn't take long before my son Reef and I enrolled in their Waterfall School, which included significant work on "Tranquility Falls." We enjoyed creating waterfalls and ponds so much that we formed our own company, Water Whispers, Inc. And the rest is history.

"I have chosen to enjoy my retirement from 33 years on the Denver Fire Department by creating wonderful backyard water features, in company with my son Reef, via our family business, Water Whispers, Inc."
Tom Abbott

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