Here are some of the most common questions we are asked about outdoor water features.

  1. Will a pond and waterfall decrease my property value, or otherwise be detrimental to a sale?

    Not if it is built correctly. If you want to increase your property value, build a pond that is simple to operate and maintain, is not too large, is correctly engineered and installed, has a waterfall feature, and can be used year around. Well planned landscaping should improve with maturity, and with maturity, your pond should increase in beauty and value.

  2. My neighbor spent a lot of money on their pond and waterfall, and yet only can enjoy it for 5-6 months out of the year here in Colorado. Can you get more "bang for the buck"?

    Absolutely! The goal of a modern water feature is to provide enjoyment and tranquility for its owner 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Your feature should provide enjoyment year around, simply changing its face through the seasons. A pond in winter can be as serene and beautiful as in summer, its waterfall running and turning to ice sculpture, its surface sometimes frozen sometimes open through the warm and cold of Colorado's winter.

    Artificial lighting incorporated into your water feature will add new drama and excitement to your outdoor evenings, 365 days a year.

  3. Does low-maintainability mean installing lots of filters, chemicals, concrete, and no fish or plants?

    Yes and No. The primary key to low maintainability is to design and maintain the pond and waterfall in concert with nature and natural biological systems. This is not Zen, but simply biology, correct technique, and common sense. Does a natural crystal clear pond, with fish and water plants use mechanical filters, swimming pool chemicals, or concrete?

    The secret is building a man-made environment that is designed correctly to work, and then is allowed to remain in balance with natural biological processes. Fish and plants help achieve this balance. If you accomplish this, maintenance is at a level no higher than any other landscape feature. A mechanical skimmer, and yearly clean out of the pond should be all that is necessary.

  4. Will a pond in your backyard create a mosquito farm?

    No. Mosquitoes are attracted to and breed in standing stagnant water, not in moving well-aerated water. Your waterfall, a few fish, and the skimmer, will take care of the mosquitoes and their larvae.

  5. Do I need expensive fish and plants such as Koi and tropical water lilies?

    Koi are beautiful, but plain ol' Goldfish work just as well. Economical oxygen generating plants such as from an aquarium are all that is necessary. Winter hardy Water Lilies, or Cattails, as well as tropicals such as Water Canna Lilies, will add tremendous enhancement, both biologically and visually. It can either be a simple pleasure, or a water gardener's paradise.

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